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Be a Tech Advisor for the Small Business Growth Program


Are you a business that offers support to small and medium enterprises in planning and implementing IT services, Internet marketing, or online business solutions?


  Do you offer skills and expertise in one or more areas of e-commerce or business processes?


  Are you motivated to help businesses achieve more through the use of online technologies?


  Do you want the opportunity to work with businesses that want to work with you?

If you can answer yes to any of the above we invite you to participate in the Small Business Growth Program currently being offered in Chemung, Schuyler, and Steuben Counties!


Southern Tier Economic Growth, Schuyler County Partnership For Economic Development, Steuben County Industrial Development Agency, Three Rivers Development Corporation, and City of Hornell Industrial Development Agency are offering an exciting new program for small and medium sized enterprises in these communities to help them become more competitive and productive through the effective use of online applications. Whether it is building their first website, transitioning to online sales and marketing, coordinating with suppliers, or delivering sophisticated online content, we want to help businesses do what makes sense for them to grow their business.


Become a Tech Advisor  - We are looking for individuals and firms local in our area that can work directly with businesses to translate goals into actions and solutions implementations.


Our program centers around one-on-one coaching to assist businesses through the decision process to adopt new methods or enhance existing methods to be more effective online. Why one-on-one? Because we know that no matter how much great the information you offer, at the end of the day action only happens when it makes sense for your individual business needs and goals.


Our program helps businesses through this process by:


1.       Conducting an online self-assessment of how they are currently using the Internet.

2.       Providing businesses with a personalized assessment DEi Scorecard report so they can see how they are doing relative to their peer group. (Click here for sample DEi Scorecards)

3.       Motivating action through relevant statistics on potential financial benefits from doing more business activities online.

4.       Offering online learning resources to better inform businesses about the opportunities.

5.       Individual coaching to help them make the best decision for their needs.


We want businesses to make informed decisions and then move forward to make it happen. This is where you can help!


By working with businesses who are already motivated to enhance their online business activities and helping them take the final steps, you will have the opportunity to work with businesses already willing to invest in new solutions. These are great leads for your business. By investing a small amount of your time up front you can build relationships that lead to concrete revenue opportunities for your business.


If you have the expertise and interest to help businesses select and implement the right solutions for them then please register to be a Tech Advisor!



Important Questions and Answers


Why are you offering this program?


We know that businesses can achieve greater revenues and cost savings through the smart use of online applications. We want our local businesses to become more competitive and productive. Healthy growing businesses are good for our local economy and the ongoing vitality of our communities. We are willing to invest in helping our local businesses be even more successful by making this program available.


Why are you looking for Tech Advisors?


There are two main reasons:


1.       We know that for businesses to adopt new applications and online business processes, they need help to make the right choices and help to implement the solutions.

2.       We want experts in in a wide range of fields to provide the help that businesses need. No single organization can cover all of the possible areas of expertise.


By bringing together motivated businesses with clear needs with experts who can guide them toward implementation we will be able to achieve the goals of the program much more effectively.


What are we expected to do?


Initially, you will provide expert consultation on topics of interest with businesses that have already expressed an interest in adopting new online business methods. These businesses will have already completed a self-assessment, received their Scorecard, and had initial discussions with one of our coaches. You will be talking with business owners and managers who have already made a decision to do more online. Now they need to take the final steps to decide exactly what they should implement.


What kind of time commitment are you expecting?


An individual business may only require an initial phone consultation to get them to a decision point. Some may only need advice in how to get to that final decision. Typically an hour or so of your time may be needed to assist a business, but in the process you will establish a relationship that can lead to more opportunities.


Will we get paid for this work?


We are asking Tech Advisors to help local businesses get to the right solutions as a free service. We know you are in business and we dont expect our Tech Advisors to do lots of unpaid work. However, our program is opening the door as these are leads for paid work from businesses that are truly interested in making investments on new online business solutions. The amount of time you choose to spend with any business is up to you, but the opportunity is open for you to generate sales for your services that meet the needs of the businesses you talk with.


How will businesses hear about us?


Your business will be listed as one of several Tech Advisors that businesses can contact in relation to various online applications and processes. Businesses will be encouraged to contact Tech Advisors on the list that have registered and who we know are available to provide support in our communities on these topics.


How do I get selected to be on the Tech Advisor list?


The first step is to register through our online Tech Advisor Registration form and provide us with the information we need about your areas of expertise and the locations your support.


Once we receive the registration, one of our representatives will contact you to discuss the next steps and to ensure you are prepared and interested in partnering with us in this program.


Can I sell my products or services to these businesses?


We encourage all of our Tech Advisors to begin with a consultative approach when first engaging with our businesses. We are trying to help them do the right things in their interests. You may be in a position to sell them the very thing they are looking for, but it is essential that our business clients receive frank and impartial advice.


If you have the types of products and services businesses are looking for, then certainly you can make an offer once they have decided what they want to do. You are in business and you are on the Tech Advisor list because you can offer services of value to our businesses. You are free to offer your products or paid services if it is appropriate to the business needs as you would approach any sale. However, we would ask you to avoid any hard sales pitches or biased advice as this will undermine our overall program goals.