Southern Tier Network

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer
     Steven Manning 

     Marcia Weber
Vice Chair
Timothy O'Hearn
     Jack Wheeler
     Mark Rogus

Board Members by Position

     Timothy Dennis, Chair Yates County Legislator(ex-officio, non-voting)
     Alan Eusden, Independent Member
     Carl Hayden, Independent Member
     David Hopkins, Director Steuben County 911
     Judith McIntosh, Independent Member
     Timothy O'Hearn, Schuyler County Administrator
     James Osborn, Independent Member
     Chelsea Robertson, Southern Tier Central Regional Planning and Development Board

     Mark Rogus, Independent Member
     John Sharkey, Independent Member

     Marcia Weber, Independent Member
     Jack Wheeler, Steuben County Manager
     Howard Zingler, Independent Member

Designee Members
     Stephen Wilber, Chemung County IT